.: Holly and her fans :.

*Holly at Anaheim Comic Con on April 17 2010 in Anaheim, California at 800 West Katella Avenue*

Photo © to Eliazar Medina

"I was pretty speechless when I saw her!! I just told her Hi & that I loved her!! She was very friendly!!"


Photo © to Andre Ramirez

"I had the pleasure of meeting you today at the Anaheim Convention Center and enjoyed having a photo taken with both of you, you two have a great personality and that is why fans want to meet and spend at least a few minutes with the Charming and delightful women as you two. I had a really great time today and as far as I'm concerned you two looked FANTASTIC. Always Andre"


*Holly at a 'Radical Something' concert on March 21 2012 in New York City at Webster Hall Studio*

Photo © to Bridget Critelli

"I had the honor of meeting Holly at the Radical Something Concert in NYC. Holly is a very warm person and seems to really enjoy meeting her fans :)"


*Holly at Spooky Empire's 'May-Hem' weekend on May 25-27 2012 in Orlando, Florida at the Wyndham resort and convention center*

Photos © to Dianna (the webmaster) & Jamie

"Jamie and I had fun meeting Holly! I finally got to meet her after running hollymcombs.com for over a decade! We saw her all weekend and it was nice talking to her in person. She was sweet and down to earth. We also got to meet Brian Krause again, who we first met in 2009 and we also met Michael Bailey Smith. Overall, it was a great weekend!"


*Holly at Chicago Comic Con Wizard World Convention on August 10-12 2012 in Rosemont, Illinois at the Donald E. Stephens convention center*

Photos © to Erin Davis

"When you meet one of your idols for the first time, you have an idea of what you would like to say to them, but when you’re really, truly face to face with them, your mind becomes a big bowl of blank emptiness and you’re left feeling like a stuttering fool who can’t form the simplest of sentences or even words. One of the things that I wished I told Holly was that she became so much of an inspiration to me while I was writing my last book (which is the one that I gave to her) called A Driven Vengence. I haven’t had anything published yet, and I wrote this story more like a Lifetime or Hallmark channel-type of movie. And as I was developing the character of Annie Corbin, I would look at a picture of Holly that I have next to my computer that shows off her incredible smile as well as thinking of some of her speeches that she would do in Charmed and the ideas just seemed to flow. Picturing Holly as being this character Annie led me to write scenes and dialogue with a sense of humor, a little bit of fiest, and a flirtatious chemistry between Annie and another character, Sage Powell. Holly IS Annie Corbin. I wanted her to know that without her as my muse, the story wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere near where it ended up.

Holly is my idol and I was so excited to meet her, get a picture and an autograph--my life will never be the same!! Thank you, Holly--you will never truly know what it meant to me!!!!!!"

*Update from Erin*

"Just a reflection on meeting her last year…………

It is hard to believe that one year ago today (August 12, 2012) I had the incredible fortune and chance of a lifetime to meet the one and only Holly Marie Combs at the Wizard World Comic Con Convention in Chicago, Illinois! I have also had the fortune of being able to live a pretty good life so far…with the worst of my problems being just getting through another day living paycheck to paycheck, trying to keep up on my bills, and trying to get my writing career off the ground by getting my books published or developed into screenplays so they could be turned into the tv movies I have always dreamed they could be and possibly getting Holly or maybe Brian Krause to star in them. Basically, living the simple life of a single 4o yr old hotel night auditor with a dream…then somehow, someway, one night last August, all the stars and planets in the solar system aligned and dropped into my lap the opportunity of a lifetime…to go to the convention and meet Holly Marie Combs face to face! I had been watching the re-runs of “Charmed” for years and had just fallen in love with her and dared to dream that one day I would ever get the chance to meet her! And I was finally given my chance…though to this day, the only thing I can remember when I walked up to her was shaking her hand and with a huge smile and embarrassing stutter, saying, “Sorry, I’m so nervous! I’m just so excited to meet you!” And she replied with a welcoming smile and a soft voice, “Aw, don’t be nervous!” From then on, my mind is a complete blank! The only other thing I have to remember that day is a couple of my posters she autographed and the “professional” picture I took with her and Brian as well as a few candid’s. As I said before, I haven’t had “challenges” in my life like some other people have had to endure, but after I’ve had a bad night at work, or I just feel like the world is crashing down around me for one reason or another….all I have to do is look at that picture on my coffee table of me with my arms around Holly and Brian and the smiles on our faces….and I can’t help but smile myself and realize that if that day—the day that I met these two incredible people was possible….then anything else is possible as well, and I instantly feel better about everything! I don’t know if celebs ever realize just how much they influence and affect our lives…but I have a feeling that Holly really, truly does. She is one of the few that seems to care about everyone—even us little people that live in a tiny Northwest suburb of a great big city like Chicago and are somehow granted the opportunity to share a moment with her in the “Big Time” life of fame and fortune and then return to their mundane life of working in a hotel and entering numbers into a computer all night long but will always be able to say, “No matter what else happens in my life, at least one of my dreams came true!”

Thank you, Holly for making August 12, 2012….and for that matter—the rest of the year the best year of my life and for making turning 40 not suck so bad!!!!!!

Your grateful and forever fan, Erin Davis"